Senior citizens are more prone to health problem due to their weak body and lack of proper caring. To ensure that the health condition of our residents is not being neglected, Damansara Jaya Care Centre also provides routine health care check.


At our care centre, we constantly monitor the health condition of our clients. Our team of expert medical practitioner is very knowledgeable and skilled in treating and taking care of senior citizens. Therefore, residents can rest assured that they will be well taken care of in our centre.


Generally, our health care services consists of the following:

• Healthy Home Cook Meal
• Personal Grooming
• Rehabilitation
• Treatment
• Therapy
• Exercise
• Others- depending on the residents’ conditions and requests


Damansara Jaya Care Centre

Damansara Jaya Care Centre is a friendly and reliable home care service centre. Services include homecare for senior citizens, healthcare, stroke treatment care therapy and more. Located at Damansara Jaya, we provide a comfortable and enjoyable home for our senior citizen clients. It is our aim to provide the best services for our clients so our residents have a memorable and enjoyable time.
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Wendy No.97, SS3/66
47300 Petaling Jaya
(M) 017-664 3288 / 017-917 3288(T) 03-7865 6865